YES makes responsible entrepreneurism competitive through software that provides unparalleled managerial power and capabilities.

Advancing the Sharing Economy

We develop and establish products and services for the Sharing Economy that allow people to generate economic value in the society.

Strengthening the Circular Economy

We create, foster, and strengthen the Circular Economy with software that presents solutions for the entire circular value chain, thus paving the way for more sustainable economic activities.

Inspire, Motivate and Promote People

We assemble teams based on enthusiasm, motivation and dedication to enable continuous improvement and professional achievement.


Entrepreneurial Vision

We are at the beginning of a new era. An era where information flows between individuals, companies, and public institutions at an unprecedented speed and level of comprehensiveness.

Digitization interconnects us and makes data easily available and accessible, endorsing a novel information economy.

Being able to observe and process all that data is what enables artificial intelligence to come in place and empower professionals in a way never seen before. The pace at which information is being harnessed, extracted and processed sets new business standards and disrupts established value chains in ways that go beyond some current leaders‘ imagination.

The information economy changes how we work, how we create products and services, and how we interact with each other. New forms of collaboration with intelligent software are being introduced, and robotic process automation leverages advanced algorithms to bring a digital workforce of highly capable software robots into our management reality. This profoundly impacts our understanding of how managerial processes are supposed to occur.

All of these developments continue to accelerate innovation cycles in our work environments and deeply impact how competitive advantage is being created and maintained. So, have we started to ready ourselves, our institutions, our companies, and our partners for completely new levels of organizational power?

YES is a platform that allows your organization to plan, operate and control all managerial and productive processes in a single digital environment, engineered as a frictionless experience that puts human cognitive comfort in the centre. Modeled since its beginning for embedded artificial intelligence, YES applications enhance your work performance and decision-making, pairing its users with software robots that complement them as virtual twins and scale their ability to execute repetitive or tedious assignments.

With cloud computing under highest security standards, YES enables you to collaborate with suppliers, clients, and any other partners directly within the same environment. Our platform orchestrates processes and coordinates your actions among the value chain, chopping up the enormous complexity of today‘s business environment into manageable tasks.

The YES platform also leverages robotic process automation in its role-based access control systems, providing assurance that information is protected and accessed appropriately, and giving each organization control of its own data assets. This means that data can be shared among organizations and individuals in a smart and secure way within the YES network, establishing a revolutionary approach to master data governance and maintenance.

Choosing from a wide range of modern business applications, your organization can immediately profit from our ecosystem‘s operational excellence. The YES network features a ready-to-rumble interorganizational workflow landscape, and is set to apply best practice operations of various industries, optimized by knowledgeable experts in their fields, within your own company or partner network.

Explore a new world of organizational power through connectivity, and make yourself feel home in a dynamic application environment engineered in powerful simplicity. Become part of YES and conquer the information economy ahead of the curve.



In 2014, a small group of software developers from Indústria Fox joined forces to create a management system for a group of companies working in the circular economy and recycling sector. We formalized the initiative under the company name Tecnologia Fox, in order to allow for an institutional representation of our efforts and in order to be able to position ourselves with other talented software developers. We occupied a room in the administrative base of the Circular Economy Park in Cabreúva where we started to work with a focus on energy efficiency project management and distribution processes and reverse logistics.

In 2015, we established our first cloud-based management system using a web development environment, while growing to 15 collaborators in development and support of our dedicated ERP. Since its launch, dozens of energy efficiency projects have been managed through the software and its applications.

In 2016, we adopted agile methodologies and programmed our first applications in Android for mobile platforms. We also decided to restart our approach towards a digital ecosystem, based on safer, more modern and scalable technologies.

In 2017, we reinforced our access control concepts, and adopted role-based access control, together with the first efforts to structure workflows. We further improved the ecosystem’s data structure and modeling, with an emphasis on consistency and standardization of the user experience between the different areas of management organisation.

In 2018, we decided to adopt the BPMN, CMMN, and DMN standards to work with workflow engines, and we reviewed the generic characteristics and relationship of our floating object classes concept which is a fundament of our ecosystem approach. We decided to adopt Go as the main language and updated our developer stack of technologies.

In 2019, we decided to put the aspect of interconnectivity of organisations within a digital ecosystem and related advantages at the core of our development, and adopted the new brand YES - Your Ecosystem, also establishing formally a new company with the same name. We also endorsed the concept of microunits as an architectural paradigm of the organisation, in analogy to the organisational formats of code formatted in microservices, seeking the advantages of microservice architecture in the human organisational environment. Intellectual property and source codes developed since 2014 have been included as assets of the new company Yes Ecosystems Technology.

In 2020, we have moved to the next level of maturity and stability in relation to distributed systems, automated testing and event-sourcing. This was a key transition year for the architecture of microservices in our ERP, delivering satisfactory results. The system proved to be stable and delivered the parameters expected service levels and auditability. In parallel, the main components of the floating object classes concept have been polished and implemented in Go, ready to be consumed by the web applications of the YES ecosystem and thus provide the accounting management, task management and dynamic data entry functionalities for the participating organisations.



We have defined a set of values that we maintain as a guideline for carrying out our mission. It represents our identity and is the basis for our interaction with employees, customers and partners.

Broad and balanced perception of the organization's economic, social and environmental objectives; investing in people, training, and professional development, and interpreting leadership as a responsibility for the growth of others.

Balance and Well-Being
Contributing to our employees’ quality of life preserving their physical and mental health.

Education and Professional Growth
We invest in training and professional development and understand establishing education as a general goal of our organization.

We encourage the free and constant articulation of new ideas and innovation, aiming at new ways of acting, management, products and services outside the typical, and new models of business, to achieve our objectives efficiently and effectively.

Responsible Entrepreneurship
We practice a broad and balanced understanding of economic, social and environmental goals, and we understand that we have a role to play and an obligation when it comes to contributing to a just, sustainable, and responsible society.

We reward dedication and commitment and value the contributions from all our organisation's collaborators.

Reliability and Mutual Support
Our team members support each other mutually and we believe that true team building is fundamental to achieving our goals and obtaining success.

Emancipation with Excellence
We want to create enthusiasm and motivation for our mission, which allows us to give autonomy, freedom and flexibility to our employees, within a mutual commitment.

Transparency and Free Communication
We communicate clearly and transparently positive as well as negative aspects of our management environment.



We believe that the foundation for inspiring and rewarding work are clear ethics that we live on a daily basis in mutually beneficial sustainable partnerships and concrete attitudes.

Diversity and Tolerance
Promoting social inclusion and equality of opportunities in our organization for all people regardless of origin, religion, gender, sexual orientation, ethnics or disability.

Respect and Care
We respect the culture and legislation of places where we act, and we condemn behaviour which endangers the integrity of the physical and psychological health of people in our interaction environment.

Sincerity and Honesty
We practice sincerity and honesty with our environment of partners.

Integrity and Professionalism
We compete through our competence, efficiency and intelligence of our services or business models.



YES Ecosystems Technology is currently present at three locations:

YES Ecosystems Technology Ltda
CNPJ: 35.741.338/0001-89
Parque da Economia Circular
Rodovia Dom Gabriel Paulino Bueno Couto, 1800 - km 88
13318-000 Cabreúva/SP
Luciana Gobatto
Email: [email protected]
Telephone: +55 11 99553-6957
YES Ecosystems Technology AG
Company number: CHE-114.285.134
Kastaniensteig 7
6047 Kastanienbaum, Switzerland
Beat Otzenberger
Email: [email protected]
Telephone: +41 79 6827527
YES Ecosystems Technology GmbH
Stengelstraße 8
66117 Saarbrücken, Germany
Philipp Bohr
Email: [email protected]
Telephone: +49 176 47014497